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3mm joints to all our buildings are a standard and there is little forgiveness for masonry that is not worked within half a millimetre.

Ketton Stone (Masonry & Fixing) Ltd was created from the trading name of the initial company, Ketton Architectural Stone and Masonry. Andre Vrona started the company in 1988. The initial goals, were to work locally and to create a reliable, efficient, hands on and direct approach, to client requirements and to produce work of the highest quality that echoed the craft in past centuries and to achieve and maintain the craft and quality that was sadly all too often drummed down in practice in the past decades.

Through the years Ketton Stone Ltd have built upon early small achievements and success, brought about with committed individual achievement.

  The same individual achievements are the provision of the net results of today’s achievements. Ketton Stone Ltd’s workforce are the champions of the stone industry. The achievements of Ketton Stone Ltd are recognised by their own industry having been awarded first prize for craftsmanship and/or traditional load bearing masonry 6 times over the last 14 years of the bi-annual “Stone Federation of Great Britain” Awards, and is recognised by continued patronage from architects and clients. We are grateful for the opportunities from clients and architects that have allowed Ketton Stone Ltd to create such wonderful works.

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